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A Transplanted Life

My Story and Guide on Transplant Success

A Transplanted Life Synopsis

At age thirteen my world was turned upside down. The summer between my eighth and ninth grade changed my life forever. I went from rarely stepping foot in a doctor’s office, to becoming so familiar with them I frequently found myself napping on the exam table. I spent the next several months being passed from one specialist to the next like unidentified matter. However, at age fourteen, I discovered the answer to my failing health: I was diagnosed with autoimmune hepatitis. Two years later, after three different hospitals, countless doctors, and several surgeries, I was the fortunate recipient of a liver transplant.

A Transplanted Life: My Story and Guide on Transplant Success was written for two reasons: to share my story and offer useful, practical advice to patients and parents alike, who are going through a similar experience. Because of the dual purpose, the book is separated into two parts.

A Transplanted Life Part 1:

Part 1 is the story of my experience going through an organ transplant. In this section I share the difficulties I faced, the frustrations I met, but also the joys I achieved, and ultimately, the victory I obtained.

A Transplanted Life Part 2:

Part 2 is a resource full of practical advice and recommendations for other patients on a similar path. Everyone’s transplant experience is unique, but I simply want to provide patients with tools to help on their personal journey. I hope my story is an encouragement and that my suggestions assist other patients throughout their journey through organ transplant.

I wish this book was around before my kidney transplant in 2014!! There is a ton of invaluable information in this book for anyone waiting for an organ transplant.

A Transplanted Life: One-for-One

Have you been impacted by an organ transplant? Send me a copy of your receipt and I will personally send your loved one a copy of the book for free. 

Send your receipt to info@swansondigital.co and I will send out the copy of the book, A Transplanted Life: My Story and Guide on Transplant Success.

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